We aspire to live in visually interesting cities, we believe with your vision and our branding we are a step closer in creating memorable brand experiences.


Elham Uthman

is currently a brand leader at haya design, she started back in 2014 as a designer, and now she is Najla’s partner in crime, in business growth and with¬†haya’s¬†clients.

Dina Abulfaraj

is a project leader in Haya Design. Her background in Design Management helps her understand a brand’s potential through an array of resources and research that she can apply onto the regional market.

Najla alBassam

is the founder & Creative Director of HAYA design. She is started this dream back in 2010 and now leads the team as well as takes care of Kartt & Co.

Fatima Alhamawi

In a land far, but not far away, there came mother of wifi and master of packaging design that goes by the name Fatima. She is a senior brand designer who have joined Haya family in 2016.

Afra Muti

is a senior brand designer from an interior/architectural background. She Joined Haya Design back in 2015. She goes by nickname of “The amazing afra”.

Wafa’ Baasil

is a Junior Brand Designer, she started at Haya Design in 2016. She is queen of gifs and Brand Manuals. She likes games and thinks life is one.

Abrar Hamidaddin

our photoshop guru, is a senior brand designer joined HAYA Design 2016. Her eclectic mix of skills; the designer with dreams of the past and the present resulting in a distinguished style.

Nour Haje

is one of the first designers to join HAYA Design, back from 2012. She is “Um Wael” and a great part time senior brand designer.


We are located in the heart of Jeddah, Khaldeyah District.

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